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Mary Oldiges, MA
Executive Director

Executive Director


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Are you struggling with
a 12 – 18 year old girl troubled by:

Eating prepagos en bogota translation disorders, physical abuse, sexual abuse
buy instagram likes attention deficit disorder, substance abuse, truancy
seo company behavior, neglect, status offenses, running away

Have the problems taken away your daughter
and left you with an unruly stranger?

Is she:

  • Depressed?

  • Impossible to Talk to?

  • Using Drugs?

  • Skipping School?

  • Associating with the Wrong Crowd?

  • Running Away from Home?

  • Sexually Active?

  • Having Trouble Making Friends?

  • Out of Control?

  • Making 5 Htp Your Life Miserable

A recent independent study found that
88% of our residents show
an Centrifugal Juicer Orthotic Slippers almost 60% better success rat
over other facilities.

Our goal is to make it possible
for your daughter to lead a
successful, self-sufficient life and
restore peace to your family.